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Terry’s story

Terence John Senn was born to Winifred and Frederick Senn on the 12th of February 1927 in Islington, North London. Terence, or Terry as he was better known, had one sibling, an older brother called Roy.

As a youngster Terry would enjoy spending his time accompanying his mother on her daily shopping excursions. He became fascinated with both the inside and outside of shops, especially enjoying the displays of the grand West End stores.

After a childhood marvelling at shop windows and displays it was no surprise that at the age of 15 Terry enrolled in a window dressing course at the London Polytechnic. Shortly after completing the course he started work at one of the new C&A stores in Oxford Street, becoming the brand’s first ‘window dresser’.

Terry was enlisted towards the end of the war and spent 4 years in the military. After completing his service, he went to work at Sanderson, the famous wallpaper and fabric manufacturers, and thoroughly enjoyed assisting the affluent customers in choosing suitable decorative finishes for their homes.

It was during his time at Sanderson that Terry met Eric, the person who was to become his closest friend. Terry and Eric liked to travel abroad, as well as covering large parts of rural England in their trusty Austin Mini. Terry was passionate about the National Trust and loved to visit stately homes and always loved spending time in the countryside.

Terry and Eric longed to live close to the South Downs, and in 1983, while staying in the Dolphin Hotel, they decided that Chichester would be the perfect place to call home. Terry stumbled across the tired looking cottage in Stirling Road Chichester, which became his and Eric’s forever home. Each room reflected a passion for fabrics and interior design no wall or window was left undressed. The gardens were similarly tended, a reflection of Terry’s love for nature and the National Trust, with a magnificent Magnolia tree which blossomed spectacularly each year.

Terry and Eric led a full and busy life until Eric died in 2007. Terry carried on, albeit more slowly as he aged. Although he was affected with dementia, this did not change Terry. He accepted the care and support he needed to continue living independently at home, enabling him to enjoy days out again, continuing his love of nature, and the occasional cider at the local pub. Terry passed away peacefully at his home at the age of 95 in May 2021.

Terry’s legacy to Terry’s Place will help local families and those less fortunate than he was, to enjoy their later years in life as he did: art, nature, culture, music, good food and the company of those he cared for and respected.

Terry was a gentleman of very few words but shared his stories and adventures with such enthusiasm you really couldn’t help but want to learn more and share in his life experience. We will always remember Terry for his strength of character, his stories and his generosity.

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