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Carers need supporting too!

 Caring for another person is not for everyone, but it can be incredibly rewarding. To light up another person’s day is one of the best feelings in life.

Too often, however, caring for others over a long period of time can come at a physical, emotional or financial cost… For some people, caring for another person can be all they have had time for, sometimes for many years. 

Did you know?

1 in 8 people in the UK care for another person – that’s 6.5 million people!

  • 72% of carers say they have suffered mental ill health as a result of caring
  • 61% said they have suffered physical ill health as a result of caring
  • 8 in 10 people caring for loved ones say they have felt lonely or socially isolated
  • One in five people aged 50-64 are carers
  • Almost 1.3 million people in England and Wales aged 65 or older are carers (Source: Carers UK)

Terry’s Place aims to address the needs of family carers directly, helping you and your loved one maintain your independence by providing:

  • A welcoming friendly environment for your loved one to enjoy a day out
  • An experienced team of care professionals to listen and talk to you
  • Further sources of help and advice
  • Referrals to our partner organisations.

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